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Thanks for teaching with Focus Health. Our goal is to provide affordable life-saving education and products to all communities across the US. We could not accomplish this without your passion for people, safety and wellbeing.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts @FocusHealthco #EducationSavesLives

Instructor FAQs:

Please find main instructor FAQs below and let us know if you have any questions:

Our main Customer Service number and email are below, although all non-pressing matters should be directed to your assigned Coordinators:

Office: (323)454-2008

Office Email:



For any weekend issues, please call our office number below. We provide phone support from 8:30am ET - 1:30pm PT. For any non-pressing questions, please contact your Coordinator directly. Have other American Red Cross questions? Please contact ARC support below:

Focus Health Phone: (323)454-2008

ARC Support: 1(800)RED-CROSS / (800)733-2767

The Red Cross Instructor Manuals are the main source of information for your courses. The Red Cross Learning Center is the main hub for all content and questions.

For instructor support, please contact us directly or the Red Cross at 1(800)RED-CROSS (800.733.2767) or email

Focus Health hates to cancel classes although it is sometimes essential to reduce financial loss or comply with Red Cross course minimums.

We maintain the lowest course minimums in the industry and consistently strive to reduce location costs in an effort to lower the financial break-point-averages per location.

Course Records take 2-3 business days to process and will be emailed directly to students from the American Red Cross. Students should check spam and promo folders if they cannot find it. They can also search for their American Red Cross certifications HERE using their email address.

YES! Upon request, Focus Health can expedite certification cards for an additional fee of $15. Please let us know asap AND have them contact us at (323)454-2008

We understand that life happens but will always recommend that Instructors are at least 30 min early to mitigate any issues. If you are running late to your scheduled course, please call and let us know ASAP:

Call: (323)454-2008

Have an emergency? We understand that life happens. If you feel ill or are unable to make it to your scheduled class(s) please let us know ASAP.

Call: (323)454-2008

Note: Once a teaching schedule contract is solidified and confirmed, the expectation is that you commit to your contract. For any schedule contract that is breached, Focus Health will assess financial loss implications and may charge or withhold compensation.

Students may reschedule for free up to 72 hours before in-person land-based classes. They may self-reschedule via confirmation emails or by contacting us directly.

If a reschedule request is within 72 hours of the class or after the class, a $50 reschedule fee will be applied.

For any land-based appointments cancelled, there is a $25 Cancellation Fee prior to 7 days before the class. A partial refund will be provided back to the original form of payment (course fee - $25 cancellation fee.) No refunds are permitted within 7 days or for missed or failed classes.

Student feedback is very important to us! We occasionally survey students to see how we are doing, but a majority of our feedback is organic. Please check it out HERE.

Great question. Overall, we default to the American Red Cross Instructor Manuals RE late students. This means that it is up to your discretion how to treat late students.

Recommendation: If a student is too late and will impact the quality of your class, please know that Focus Health will stand behind your decision. The student should be directed to contact us and reschedule their class.

As we all know, many students travel far distances for our classes and may require the class for work compliance. We ask that all instructors show compassion and professionalism for all situations.

In general, full refunds are not permitted.

A $25 cancellation fee will be applied for all/any appointments cancelled. The balance of the course fee will be refunded. If a students attended the course and received an American Red Cross certification, no refunds are permitted.

Refunds take 5-10 business days to process.

In general, we always default to the American Red Cross Instructor Manual policies, making this your discretion on how to treat the situation.

In a Blended Learning course, the online portion MUST be completed to receive a certification.

Recommendation: Every student scenario is different and we ask that you show compassion and professionalism always. Seasoned instructors may take multiple variables into consideration, including the student's age, attitude, experience, excuse and online course progress. We all know technology often may throw us curveballs and the Red Cross Learning Center often has issues, so please use your best discretion.

If you decide to allow the student to stay, please mark them as "Needs Online" on your roster AND have them email their online completion to our office. We will not process the course record until proof of completion is received:

We do not like to see students fail and strive to ensure success for all Focus Health courses. Occasionally, we may need to have that uncomfortable conversation. Please pull them aside to have the discussion in private. As always, please show compassion, professionalism and clearly explain to the participant why they must retake the course. Please direct them to reschedule with our office.

Failed students would need to re-enroll for a course if possible. There is no refund for any student who does not pass a course.

Definitely! See a general list below of discounts we provide. Please note that occasional grants also exist:

  • EMS Workers
  • Teachers
  • Adopting parents
  • Veterans
  • Senior citizens
  • Schools
  • 501(C)3 Non-profits
  • FH Partners
  • FH Locations

Yes please! We are always looking to add qualified and experienced instructors to our network nationwide. Please let us know if you have a possible candidate. AHA & ASHI Instructors are welcome as well!

Absolutely! Our goal is to find an appropriate training site for you and your students. We consider all variables such as accessibility, parking, professionalism, safety, cost, size etc.

Have a better or cheaper location partnership to recommend? Please let us know!

Yes! We strive to offer the best prices and training products to our instructors. Please use the promo code below to receive 15% OFF training supplies:


Yes! Have a potential private group client? Is someone interested in purchasing an AED? All Focus Health instructors are eligible for 15% net sales commission when you refer a client to us.

Please let us know and we are happy to help with the discussion!

We sure do. Focus Health currently has partnerships with Philips, Zoll, Cardiac Science, PhysioControl, HeartSine and more.

All FH Instructors are eligible for 15% net Sales Commission if they refer a client.

We sure do! Focus Health offers almost all of the American Red Cross Online-Only Course Catalog options (and often at a discount.)

See Catalog HERE

Sure! We love recommendations. Do you have a training product that you would like us to add to our site? Let us know! Maybe we can offer it to you cheaper than our competitors.