What is Virtual Learning?

Remote "Virtual Learning" courses provide a remote Zoom or Google Meet skills assessment class with a certified Red Cross instructor and meet OSHA requirements for traditional CPR certification.

Featuring award-winning simulation learning, the American Red Cross virtual blended learning programs combine self-paced, interactive online instruction and virtual classroom skills sessions. Blended Learning courses allow you to learn online first, then demonstrate your skills to a certified instructor… in this case virtually!

How does it work?

1. Schedule your preferred virtual skills session above.

2. We will send you a CPR training kit rental via UPS.

3. Complete the initial online course prior to your virtual skill session.

4. Attend your scheduled virtual skills session with one of our American Red Cross instructors.


NOTE: After your class, using FREE pre-paid postage, simply re-pack the manikins, tape up the box, apply the shipping label and return! You must return your CPR training kit immediately to receive a certification and avoid late fees.