Terms of Services


We appreciate your business and thank you for trusting Focus Health with your healthcare needs. We have worked hard to bring you an intuitive platform that provides you with health information, including information regarding independent professional medical practices (each, a “Medical Practice”), which may be available to provide you with CPR, First Aid and lifeguard training and healthcare and medical services in your home, at your business location and at our clinics and training centers throughout Los Angeles County. Focus Health is a management services organization and technology information service provider offering administrative, marketing, and operational support to “Independent Medical Practices”. Our Website is intended to provide patients with health information and provides a forum for independent Medical Practices that provide CPR, first aid and lifeguard training, Tb and live scan, physicals, travel and vaccines, drug tests and immigration services in-home on-site, online and in-clinic.

Upon providing certain relevant information to a Medical Practice through the Website, if a physician licensed to practice medicine in California working with the independent Medical Practice (“Physician”) and a medical assistant or nurse working with the independent Medical Practice (“Medical Assistant”) are available, the Physician, Medical Assistant or nurse will then choose whether or not in his or her best judgment, based on information received prior to the in-home, on-site visit or clinical appointment or during the in-home, on-site visit or clinical appointment determine that he or she is unable to provide treatment. The Physicians and Medical Assistants are sometimes referred to herein as “Health Care Professionals”.

If you are using the Website for services for a minor, you must be available during the Physician’s visit with the minor, you are responsible for payment for the services provided the minor, and are assuming the obligations of this Agreement as they relate to the minor.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any new features that augment or enhance the current services shall be subject to the Agreement. You are responsible for all equipment necessary to access the Website.

In order to obtain our services you must provide us with certain personal information. We respect your privacy and a complete statement of our current privacy policy can be found here (“Privacy Policy”). Our Privacy Policy is expressly incorporated into this Agreement by this reference.

Independent Medical Practices may provide promotional advertising on our Website. If you choose to click on such promotional advertising, you will then be connected to a portion of the Website controlled by such Medical Practice and will be able to communicate with such Medical Practice.


The Medical Practices featured on Focus Health do not take payment from any state or federal governmental health plan such as Medicare or Medicaid. They also do not allow use of any credit, flex or debit card connected to your employer’s group health plan, cafeteria plan, flex plan, 125 plan or self-insured group health plan, unless they are contracted with the group health plan as an in-network provider. By clicking to accept this agreement you verify that your credit card is not connected to your employer’s group health plan, cafeteria plan, flex plan, 125 plan or any or any health insurance, PPO, HMO, medigap policy, or any governmental health plan such as Medicare or Medicaid, unless you are a member of an insurance plan that contracts with a Medical Practice as an in-network provider. It is imperative that you provide accurate and truthful information about your identity and your health and physical condition during the registration process. By filling in the personal information requested you represent and warrant to Focus Health that all of the personal information you provide during this process is true and correct. Focus Health reserves the right to refuse or cancel your use of the Website and/or the services if Focus Health determines that you have not provided complete and accurate information regarding your identity and/or have not provided accurate health information.

You also agree that you will not choose or use a user name that: (i) belongs to another person or is used with the intent of impersonating another person; or (ii) is subject to any rights of a person other than you without appropriate authorization. You may never use another person’s information or log in details to access the Website and/or services


You understand that there may be no Medical Practice or Health Care Professionals in your area and we cannot guarantee that Health Care Professionals will be available to provide services in your area. By using the Website and our services you represent that you are at least 18 years of age or are the parent, guardian or other personal representative for a minor.

You must notify us immediately of any change in your eligibility to use the services including any changes to your medical condition or physical fitness, breach of security or unauthorized use of your personal information with Focus Health.